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TW FIC: Children of the Earth, Child of the Stars (1/7+epilogue)

Title: Children of the Earth, Child of the Stars
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, Gwen/Rhys, various others
Summary: What if Gwen wasn’t the one who was pregnant? How would that have affected the events of CoE?
Spoilers: all days of CoE
Warnings: Character death, mpreg
Word count: 26,302 total (7 parts + epilogue) , this part 1,552 words
Prompt: au_bingo  - "Alternate History: Someone dies/never comes back"
Notes: This is a rewrite of CoE and it's taken nearly two years to get to this point. A lot of the dialogue is the same except where I’ve added in scenes or changed the scene to fit my story. So some of the plot points that people have hated are still in there but I’ve tried to make them as palatable as possible :)  I'll try to get one part posted every one to two days.
Also, this isn't beta-ed.  All mistakes are mine (hopefully, there aren't too many of them!)
Disclaimer: I don't own Torchwood or these characters; if I did, they'd all still be on the show.

Part 1

Things couldn’t get too much worse, Ianto reflected as he typed in the information that Gwen wanted. Firstly, Jack didn’t want to put a label on their relationship, something which Ianto needed so that he could understand it better. How did one define a relationship such as theirs anyway? Somehow, without making Jack more annoyed, he would have to find out.

Secondly, his sister knew that he was seeing Jack. That he was ‘bender’, as she put it. Except, he wasn’t gay if Jack was the only man he wanted… was he? He didn’t feel as if he was but he knew people would judge him for who his partner was. All his life he had experienced prejudice because of where he had been born and he hated it; that was part of why he didn’t want anyone to know.

Thirdly, the SUV had been stolen. He still couldn’t work out how they had beaten the triple deadlock but somehow they had. And soon he would have to tell Jack about it. That wasn’t going to be pleasant. He had tracked it down but given where it was, he wasn’t game to go and retrieve it by himself.

Lastly, he had been feeling off-colour for weeks now. It wasn’t anything too bad at the moment but he’d had nearly three months - on and off - of throwing up every morning and sometimes at night too. Fortunately, whatever it had been seemed to have gone, leaving him with just a near-constant queasy feeling which had hindered his and Jack’s sex life somewhat. Ianto knew that he should have visited a doctor ages ago but somehow, with everything that had been happening, he just hadn’t got around to it.

Leaving the search running, Ianto went down into the autopsy bay which was now also serving as a lab. He got the scanner out and put the palm of his right hand on the glass plate. A green light shone as he was scanned and then the results appeared on the wall opposite him.

That couldn’t be right.

Ianto looked down at his hand and then back at the wall. That couldn’t possibly be right at all.


Gwen’s voice startled him and he hurriedly removed his hand from the scanner. “Coming!” He rushed up the steps and saw Gwen heading up the stairs. “I have the results from the search you wanted,” he said, stopping at the computer and checking the screen.

“What were you doing in the lab?” Gwen asked as she came to stand next to him.

“Nothing important,” Ianto dismissed it; he hadn’t had time to assimilate the news himself yet. He angled the screen for her to look at the results. “Here. I just have to check something in the lab.” Without waiting for a reply, Ianto walked away.

Despite her curiosity, Gwen decided to look at the results of the search first. She noted that Clem McDonald had been an orphan at Holly Tree in Scotland, and that along with eleven others, had been moved to another orphanage in 1965 - only the children had never arrived. Strange.

Down in the autopsy bay, Ianto put his hand on the scanner again. The results were the same as before. How was that even possible?

He vaguely heard Jack arrive and tell Gwen something about getting shot. Ianto smiled ruefully; it sounded like none of them were having a good day. Then he heard footsteps and he looked up with trepidation towards the entrance to the lab.

Jack had about to greet Ianto and query what he was doing but then he saw what was being projected onto the wall. “Is that what I think it is?”


“You’re pregnant?” Jack couldn’t move, he was so surprised.

“Three months apparently.” Ianto wasn’t sure whether Jack was disappointed or simply in shock.

Jack got his feet moving and went down into the bay to stand next to his lover. Ianto seemed calm about this but Jack knew how the younger man could hide his feelings beneath a mask. “This is good news, isn’t it?” he asked, a touch of vulnerability in his voice. A baby. Ianto was carrying his baby.

“I… I think so,” Ianto replied, avoiding looking at the bloodied hole in Jack’s shirt. He hated not being there when Jack came back to life, to comfort his partner after such a terrible experience. “I only just found out.”

Jack winced internally, remembering Ianto’s earlier probing about the status of their relationship. After saying that he hated the word ‘couple’, he couldn’t blame Ianto for not being over the moon about the event. “Well, I think it’s wonderful,” he said, putting his heart on the line, trusting that Ianto wouldn’t break it. It wasn’t easy, especially when he knew that one day Ianto would die and leave him alone again, but he found himself willing to take the risk.

“Really?” Ianto couldn’t help asking. After earlier, he would have thought that Jack wouldn’t want the commitment that this represented.

“Really,” Jack confirmed, a big grin spreading across his face. “Gwen, we’re having a baby!” he called out.

“What?” Gwen ran into the room and looked at the display. Different thoughts flickered through her mind but what actually came out of her mouth was, “Wow.”

“Tell me about it,” Ianto said dryly. He didn’t even know how he could be pregnant.

“And I always thought I’d be the first,” Gwen continued, her smile now matching Jack’s.

Ianto smiled wanly and turned his eyes upon Jack. “What are we going to do about Torchwood?” There wasn’t any question of not keeping it; the baby was a part of him and Jack. He wanted it no matter how daunting the prospect seemed at the moment.

“We’ll work something out.” Jack placed his hand over Ianto’s. “I promise. But I wonder how--”

Suddenly, the alarm sounded and a red light started flashing. Everyone’s eyes were drawn to the wall display where there was now a picture of a bomb and a big ‘alert’ sign flashing over it.

“A bomb,” Jack said softly, everything falling into place. Rupesh hadn’t been the target - he had. Someone had killed him and planted a bomb inside him. Why hadn’t he noticed?

“A bomb in your stomach,” Ianto echoed, his heart racing with fear. Who could have done such a thing? Now wasn’t the time to wonder that, though - he had to stop the automatic lockdown so that they could all get out.

As Ianto raced past him, Jack broke free of his frozen state. “You have to both get out! Now!”

“I’m not leaving you!” Gwen shouted as Jack pushed her into the main part of the Hub. “We can stop it, we can take it out of you!”

“No, we can’t! You’re not dying with me,” Jack shot back. “You need to leave now! No arguing!” He glared at her, hoping that she would - for once - obey him.

Gwen thought about staying but deep down, she didn’t want to die like this. She spun on her heel and headed out of the Hub just before the cog door closed.

Jack turned his attention to his lover, who was typing away on a keyboard. “Ianto, you’re going to get locked inside!” He couldn’t allow that, not with Ianto carrying his baby. “Ianto!”

The younger man resisted when Jack grabbed his arms from behind, stealing his ability to continue typing. “There’s got to be a way to override the mechanism!” he shouted as he was forcibly pulled away from the computer. There had to be a way to stop Jack from being blown up!

“For God’s sake, Ianto, get out!” Jack insisted, heading towards the invisible lift.

“There’ll be nothing left of you!” Ianto’s voice was anguished as he tried to break free of Jack’s grip. He knew Jack could survive death but never before had the immortal man experienced it in this form.

“I can survive anything!” Jack countered confidently. He had to; he had a good reason to come back from this. He almost threw Ianto onto the platform but then drew him in for a last desperate kiss, one that he hoped showed the younger man just how much Jack loved him. Then he released Ianto and pressed a button on his wrist strap. “Keep our baby safe.”

Ianto couldn’t say anything as the lift started to ascend. He could only stare at Jack, tears in his eyes, and shake his head, indicating that he didn’t want to leave. He didn’t want to raise the baby by himself if Jack couldn’t come back from this.

“I’ll come back. I always do,” Jack promised, as if he had heard Ianto’s thoughts, as the lift went higher. This was going to be bad but he could endure anything if he knew that Ianto was safe.

Ianto kept looking down, watching until Jack was only a small figure on the floor of the Hub. Logically, he knew that Jack could survive this but emotionally, he wondered whether this was the time that would be permanent. Unconsciously, he put a hand over his stomach as he went through the hole in the pavement. He had to believe that Jack would come back to him.

Then the world exploded.

Part 2

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